Teacher Research Award


Educator preparation programs seek to ensure candidates at both the initial and advanced level develop a professional habit of inquiry and reflection about teaching and learning. Teaching and practice inform research, and research and inquiry inform teaching and practice.

The Teacher Research Award recognizes candidates who, at any point in their undergraduate or graduate program in education, design and implement research projects addressing key issues in student learning and/or teacher development. The research proposals describe current research and literature regarding the issue and clearly outline the proposed research project. Project proposals are expected to exemplify strong research design and methodology. Awards will be given for research at various stages in the process, with preference given to those projects further into the process of implementation. The receipient of the award must also be willing to work with the faculty mentor to prepare an article defining the research for publication in The Teacher Educators’ Journal, a publication of ATE-VA

Who is eligible?
* Students enrolled in initial licensure education programs in Virginia and
whose proposals are nominiated by faculty members in their program.
* Students enrolled in graduate programs in education in Virginia and
whose proposals are nominiated by faculty members in their program.

The Award
The award will include a certificate and a monetary award. Applicants may also receive certificates of recognition without a monetary award.

The Award Process
The President of ATE-VA will appoint a Chair who will convene the Awards Committee. Committee members must be members of ATE-VA. Applications will be available at the fall ATE-VA conference, will be posted on the web-site, and will be emailed to all ATE-VA members by the Executive Director of ATE-VA. Applications must be submitted online to the Chair or Co-Chairs. Awards will be presented at the spring conference. Deadlines for submissions appear on the applications. Email questions to:  Dr. Jane Huffman, jhuffma2@umw.edu

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