Spring 2014 Conference Presentation Materials


Fall 2013 Conference Presentation Materials

Building Advocacy Position Papers – Fall 2013 – VACTE ATE-VA Conference

Ten Advocacy Tips 2013

Spring 2013  Conference Presentation Materials

AACTE – Spring 2013 – Federal Update and Advocacy 101

Supporting Teacher Performance and Student Learning



Conference Materials Shared by Presenters

Universal Design for Learning (spring 2012)

 Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (Design Team Report – Oct 25, 2010)

Higher Education Task Force on Teacher Education October 2010 (document)

Leveraging State Longitudinal Data October 2010 (document)

Responding to Change: Learners, Teachers, Tools (Fall 2010 Conference Keynote – Dr. Pamela Moran

John Holland Presentation (Fall 2010 Conference)

ATE-VA VACTE Safe and Secure Proposition September 07

DOE Talking Points from Fall 08 meeting

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